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Exciting massage in the salon "Simona".

Do you want to forget about everyday hustle and get rid of stress even for a while? Visit an exciting massage session - our girls will help you open the door to the world of new sensations and complete relaxation!

The modern entertainment industry today is aimed at fulfilling a single goal - to give true satisfaction not only to the body, but also to the soul. It is so diverse that, it would seem, it is already impossible to surprise anyone with something special, unique. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get new, incomparable sensations. Exciting massage is a novelty in the pleasure industry, which, although it has appeared recently, is already rapidly gaining popularity. It can not be called a normal procedure, involving kneading muscles and tone the body. The purpose of an exciting massage is much deeper - it contributes to complete relaxation, release from negative emotions and the release of sexual potential.

An exciting massage session.In most overseas countries, this technique is better known. Born in ancient Asia, today it has already managed to win fans around the world, primarily due to its beneficial effects on the emotional state. Such a massage maximizes feelings, turning the entire human body into a continuous erogenous zone. As a result - muscle relaxation, liberation of the body and a surge of tremendous energy.

Types of exciting massage and the main stages of implementation.

It would seem that it can be difficult to massage? Knead your muscles and that's it! But in relation to exciting massage, everything is much more complicated. This is a kind of art, which is based on the full interaction of male and female energy. Just imagine: a completely naked girl first rubs every cell of your body with a copious layer of aromatic oil, and then massages, using not only her hands, but also parts of her delicate body. Art, and more! And it is not surprising that this erotic procedure is rightfully considered the most coveted among men of all countries of the world.

Depending on the technique, the stimulating massage is divided into the following types:
- erotic;
- Thai (a mixture of classical and Thai);
- urological (male);
- female.
In fact, an exciting massage is a combination of two components: classical muscle relaxation and erotic emancipation, which makes it possible to fully control your own body and emotions.

Exciting massage in the salon "Simona" - we will give you paradise pleasure!

A prerequisite for an unforgettable exciting massage in our salon is a relaxing atmosphere. To do this, aroma candles are surely lit in the room and relaxing music is turned on. Regardless of the type of massage you choose, the first thing the procedure starts with is taking a shower. Only after that you completely give your body to the masseuse’s skillful hands.

So that the girl’s hands can slide freely on your skin, various essential and aromatic oils are used during the procedure. In addition, such oils have beneficial effects not only on the skin itself, but also contribute to rapid emotional arousal. All movements are made by the girl smoothly and slowly. Massage begins with classic light strokes, the purpose of which is to liberate you and set you up in a positive way. After the tone of your body rises to the maximum, it is time for the erotic part of the session. The movements of the masseuse are replaced by soft presses on various erogenous points of the body. At the same time, the masseuse gently snuggles up against you, either with her chest, or with her stomach, or with a booty, causing you to become agitated and at the same time relax. The duration of the entire session can be from one to two hours.

Order a session of exciting massage in our salon and you will get the opportunity to feel every cell of your body, free yourself from obsessive stress and get an unforgettable experience. Become a lover of quality leisure with us!

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