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Erotic massage and its types

Everyone has long known that massage is not only a medical procedure, but in most cases quite pleasant. The most refined, unusual and infinitely enjoyable is the erotic massage Kiev. Such a massage will help anyone to completely relax, unleash their potential and relax. A feature of this massage is the stimulation of all erogenous zones and points.
She knows all types and methods of erotic massage.Plunging into the process, it is very important to leave aside all unnecessary thoughts, become a single sensory organ and allow the body to hear every touch. Naked bodies, aromatic oils, bewitching music, candles, kisses and touches will send you into the world of an unusually sweet state. All this will give you a stunning feeling of satisfaction and harmony. Such a massage will teach partners to understand each other at the level of sensations and feelings. It perfectly affects muscles, skin, internal organs and the circulatory and nervous systems. It gives the body a powerful vital energy, and has a huge impact on our mental state and, as a result, allows us to fully reveal and direct sexual energy.
Types of erotic massage:
1. Body massage. The form of such massage affects completely the whole body from the crown of the head to the toes. For its implementation, not only hands are used, but also all parts of the body.
2. Tantric. Stimulation of erogenous zones and genital massage are the main features of this type of massage. The massage technique is carried out in an Indian atmosphere using incense and oils.
3. Sakura branch. The basis of this massage are gentle touches of the tongue and lips and gentle bites.
4. Aquapenic. Such a massage is performed exclusively in the bathroom and with the addition of aromatic foam. The effect is achieved by sliding one body against another.
5. Aqua gel. The session takes place in the shower using a gel to slip. The chest and buttocks are the main tools to achieve the effect.
In addition, this list can be continued, because the types of massage can be diluted with your own fantasies and make your own unique elements. By conducting regular erotic massage sessions, the sexual activity of the partner improves. Relaxing, exciting and restoring the functionality of your own body, you can get a lot of new sensations and unforgettable experiences.
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