Erotic massage parlor "Simona". Mazepy str., 3, Kiev, Ukraine.
Erotic massage parlor SIMONA.

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What is erotic massage? How it is done in the SIMONA parlor?

Many people wonder what is erotic massage?
This type of massage that:
1) performed by completely naked masseuse, the client in this case is also completely naked;
2) performed bu her arms and chest, buttocks, the other parts of the female body;
3) performed without sexual contact between client and masseuse (no sex);
4) as a result of an erotic massage visitor brought to thevhighest point of pleasure (legal constraints do not allow us to use some of the terms).
What is erotic massage. Infographics.
Our salon of erotic massage "Simona" is a beautiful world, where they know how to touch a body cast from the effects of stress and fatigue, seasonal melancholy and simply hunger for affection.

What could be better than a gentle touch or persistent warm palms, which knowingly leads your body attractive brunette or blonde? Under the hands of any of our girls (and not only with his hands: smile:) you're on for a while completely forget about the present world and immerse yourself into the unknown space completely new, vibrant sensations. Soft music, dim lights in the room and soft surface covered on the wide bed, but will strengthen the overall delightful experience. freeze time, and only two remain in the universe - you, and the beautiful masseuse, every second leading thrill your soul and body, giving the last unexplored until now, a bit shameless, but such coveted caress.

Do you want to each movement of the truly magical effect, could not escape from your attention and you could see that the eye expresses absolutely happy man, who managed to miraculously relax? Then, when you make an application for an erotic massage, inform the manager that you booked a room with a large wall mirror. His flawless surface will give you a lot of nice paintings, charming party which is almost a fairy, then fluttering, then cling to you in its spectacular dance, which can be seen on this video. And even in the twilight of each element of the performance, in which you and the main character, and the honorable audience will be easily visible. In this case, visiting our massage salon, you will get not only physical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Him we are ready to give at any time of the day.

Visiting one of our famous on all Kiev Salon of erotic massage "Simona" near the metro station "Arsenalna" in the Pechersk district, you will definitely want to become a frequent visitor - welcome satiated hard feelings, after which you want to soar, to love, to create. Such a great change in the hearts of the visitors of our community is understandable. After all, each of our employees - skilled worker aware of the human skin sensitivity and its secret, but eager, more than himself. Body language not understood by many, but still less those who can skillfully, correctly and in time to respond to its demands.

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Author: Irina Novikova
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