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Tantric massage as a stress reliever.

Stress, tension, depression - all this periodically occurs in every person living in a large metropolis. Someone copes with them with the help of alcohol, someone relieves stress with the help of special drugs. Here we will talk about tantric massage, which does not harm your health, and even vice versa, will have a positive effect on it. Tantric massage is one of the varieties of erotic massage during which the visitor receives an emotional, psychological discharge, and also helps to cure back diseases. The procedure consists in kneading the muscles, but it is aimed not only at that. The process of tantric massage is much deeper than you can imagine. Often this kind of effect on the body is performed under light soothing music using various kinds of aromatic oils. Blood flow during tantric massage enriches your entire body with oxygen. In addition to a pleasant arousal sensation, the course will provide you with weight loss. There are several types of tantric massage. Next, we consider each of them individually.

Tantric massage in Kiev


Types and techniques of tantric massage.

It is clear that this procedure is one of the varieties of erotic massage, but it can be conditionally divided into several types:
• Classic tantric massage;
• Combination of Thai and Tantric massages; • Urological. Designed to maintain men's health;
• Female;
• Oil tantric massage. It is characterized by the use of a huge number of aromatic oils, which ensures maximum excitement.

Способ выполнения этого воздействия на тело состоит из нескольких этапов. Перед началом всех манипуляций необходимо принять душ.
1. The preparatory phase. With measured soft and rhythmic movements, the girl rubs oil into your body;
2. The effect on the body becomes softer and slower;
3. The client begins to rub, and special attention is paid to erogenous zones;
4. Massage the area around the navel;
5. The final stage. It is here that the whole climax of the massage should take place. Various parts of the body of a masseuse (breast, butt, stomach, and other interesting places) come into work.


Flight of fantasies in the massage salon "Simone".

Arriving at the Simon salon, you will see that you will be met by pleasant administrators who will invite you to the massage room. There you will have the opportunity to take a shower, during which you will prepare for the future relaxation and enjoyment. After water procedures, you will be sent to a massage couch, where a beautiful girl who will perform a tantric massage will be waiting for you.
Of course, there are a huge number of massage parlors providing such services, but only in the Simona salon you will find:
• Polite and pleasant service, intersects with a comfortable and cozy atmosphere;
• An individual approach to each visitor. Customer wishes are very important to us;
• Acceptable prices. And for regular customers a reward system has been developed;
• Complete confidentiality.
So, if you want to really relax and forget about everyday life and everyday life, come to the Simon salon, where you will find a lot of positive emotions!

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