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On the types of erotic massage practiced in the salon "Simona".

Physical impact on the skin and body of a visitor is a must for any type of massage. Only in the classical version, the master presses, strokes and nips the client exclusively with the fingers, and in the erotic version, with the fingers, lips, chest, buttocks and even the inside of the thighs.

Masseuse performing body massage.For example, body massage, a service very popular in all Asian resorts, is performed by rubbing a naked girl on the body of a naked client. So that her touches are gentle and similar to touching a flower petal, rushing to the surface of the water surface, before the procedure, the girl smears herself and the guest of the salon with massage oil. After that, the surface of the client’s body begins to knead, almost without touching it with his hands. Only belly, chest, buttocks. Or the inner surface of the thighs, clutching the legs and clinging to the body of the visitor the hottest - in the literal and figurative sense - section of his own body. Tempting, right? Of course, we will not reveal all the nuances of such a massage, since each master has his own professional secrets. You’ll better find out about them yourself by visiting our salon one of the coming days.

Erotic massage using the Sakura branch technique, which makes the visitor’s nervous and muscular tension “melt” under the tender and warm kisses of an experienced master, looks even more extravagant. Between such elegant touches, brighter and sharper “slip” every now and then, performed with the help of gentle and not very biting skin at the locations of erogenous points. The sensations are just amazing! By the way, you can order a massage in a room with a mirror wall or ceiling - you will get an order of magnitude more pleasure if you are an esthete by nature or like to watch dynamic paintings. If desired, the "sakura branch" can be carried out in an interior setting characteristic of the Celestial Empire, with appropriate music, unique make-up by masseuses.

Masseuse performing tantric massage.I would like to pay special attention to tantric massage. We highly recommend it for visitors whose professional activity is associated with great nervous overloads. They act on a person as a kind of jackhammer, leading the smooth functioning of the nervous system to unstable activity. As a result, a person becomes emotionally broken, which worsens all aspects of his life. Tantric massage, carried out with a special musical surroundings, with a special complex of oriental aromatic oils, is able to relieve the wild tension of nerves and muscles even in a person who has been “platooning” for several days. After the initial part of the massage session, when the client finally relaxes and mentally “opens up” to the master, the latter proceeds to influence the client’s most erogenous zones and his genitals. Naturally, the impact on the intimate zones is carried out only by the most experienced masters and is not reduced to banal, crude stimulation without special frills. Specialists of our salon are experienced connoisseurs of the human body, which means that their work brings many new sensory pleasures previously unknown.

If earlier only in fantasies did you get the idea that it would be nice to swim in a pool full of beautiful fish, then we propose to carry with you only one. But what: offering an exciting game by simple rules and giving each of its touch a lot of bursts of internal energy. At any time of the year, and not just in summer, taking a bath in the company of a masseuse who knows her job will give you the opportunity to relax as if you had been sunbathing for a month somewhere in the Maldives. Still wondering if it is worth changing the massage table to a bathroom full of aromatic foam? Dive as soon as possible into the depths of the font and delight the body with previously unknown pleasures!

Among our customers there are quite a lot of people who prefer a shower bath. Since we always strive to meet the beloved guests of our salon, we decided to invent for them a new kind of relaxing-invigorating shower. In it, you will fall into the arms of an experienced masseuse, who is able not only with her hands, but also with her buttocks, breasts, to strengthen the refreshing effect, pouring from above the stream of water.

If the client of the salon is a very busy person, in whose work schedule it is impossible to make a “window” for the sake of a trip to one of the massage masters, then we are always ready to go to a meeting and temporarily send the right girl to the address indicated by the customer.

If you need to shake yourself and get into working condition as quickly as possible, but without having the time needed for a regular massage session, we suggest using the service of an express massage specialist. The master is able to not only make blood run more actively, which invigorates, but also relieve pain in the shoulders, back, and neck.

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