Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
we are waiting for you around the clock, 24/7


Erotic massage for couples - open new horizons of sexual pleasure!

Эротический массаж для пар в салоне Симона.Massage of erotic zones is extremely beneficial for human health. During stimulation, hormones of joy are produced. The body is experiencing extremely high stress, all organs and systems are involved. At the end of the session, visitors feel complete pleasure and relaxation. Erotic massage for couples takes into account the simultaneous participation of two specialists: a girl and a guy, or two girls (at the request of customers). The massage procedure, depending on the wishes, is performed simultaneously or alternately. During the procedure, lovers have the opportunity to be nearby, hold each other's hands. If desired, a man or woman can take an active viewer position. Conveniently located not far from the massage zone, one of the partners will enjoy the passionate game of his other half. Before the main session, massage therapists meet for a cup of tea with their clients. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly attitude, liberates partners. During the preliminary meeting, the most secret desires and secrets are revealed. Clients have the opportunity to speak out and offer their own game options. Masseurs will listen carefully to the couple and help to open new horizons of bodily pleasures. Specialists have their own rules and prohibitions. They are also discussed in advance.


Body games are good!

Завершение эротического массажа для пар.Erotic massage for couples has many advantages:
1. Relieves emotional stress from partners.
2. Teaches a couple of body communication skills.
3. Removes complexes and constraints.
4. It allows you to feel confident, loved and desired, not only in the sexual sphere, but also in everyday life.
5. Helps arouse passion and sex drive.
Looking at how a woman’s body is caressed, a man begins to see in her a beautiful and desirable sexual partner. Women - light up with simultaneous passion and jealousy. Natural fervor prevails over the mind. Desire grows rapidly and reaches its climax. This is simply impossible to forget! Are there any restrictions? There are no restrictions on sexual games. Erotic massage for couples will be a pleasant surprise to your loved one for a birthday or other holiday. There are no age criteria either. You can feel loved and desired right now.

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