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How we protect visitors at the Simona erotic massage parlor during the COVID-19 pandemic

The actively spreading COVID-19 infection has created a huge need for preventive measures to combat the virus. The management of our company ensures the prevention of diseases among our employees and creates the safest conditions for our clients.

Despite the still current state of infection in the country, you should not be afraid to visit such establishments. In our company, measures to protect against the virus are carried out based on the recommendations of the WHO and the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Therefore, you can safely visit the erotic massage salon without fear for your health.

Taking care of the condition of our visitors, we take a number of preventive protective measures, namely:

Regular airing of rooms.

Treatment of premises and door handles with disinfectant solutions.

Regular measurement of body temperature of masseuses.

Treatment of hands of masseuse and visitor with antiseptic.

Presence of an antiseptic when entering the salon.

Checking the body temperature of the masseuse at the request of the guest.

Massage performed by a masseuse in a mask (at the request of the client).

Quartz lamp work in rooms between sessions.

Carrying out preventive cleaning in rooms.

Obligatory use of disposable towels and linen.

How we fight the spread of coronavirus infection

Since in our company all the necessary methods are carried out at once to protect against virus infection, clients receive the most comfortable and convenient conditions for visiting and using the services of the salon. This is also explained by the fact that the visitor does not have to necessarily wear a mask when visiting the massage parlor. However, he may, in turn, require the masseuse to wear the mask. The mandatory items that are carried out to protect against coronavirus by employees of the salon include:

  1. Regular airing of rooms. The supply of fresh air significantly reduces viral load. Pathogens do not survive in moving air. Their vital activity is dying out, which means that the risk of infection is significantly reduced. Airing is mandatory in all areas of the salon. The time of open windows is from 5 minutes and more. During this time, the room manages to cleanse itself, fill with fresh clean air. The procedure is performed regularly after each massage session and immediately before it;

    Airing of rooms

  2. Treatment of premises and door handles with disinfectant solutions. The company uses proven and reliable antiseptic preparations. Special solutions allow to kill pathogenic viruses and other microorganisms by 100%. Specialists sterilize the surfaces of rooms, doors and various items used during the massage. Particular attention is paid to the door handles. With a minimum period of time, they are processed with a disinfectant to exclude infections with coronavirus infection in the conditions of our salon;

    Disinfection of the door handle.


  3. Regular measurement of body temperature of masseuses. The salon management does not allow masseuses with signs of illness to be in the workplace. An exceptionally healthy master will carry out the procedure of erotic massage. Every day, when the masseuses come to work, they measure the body temperature. In addition, the indicators are analyzed during the workflow. Temperature measurements are taken several times a day;

    Measurement of body temperature.


  4. Treatment of the hands of the master and the visitor with an antiseptic immediately before the session. Entering the massage room, the master will offer you to treat your hands with an antiseptic. He will do the same with his own hands. This is a prerequisite for all visitors to the salon. Hand cleansing is carried out with safe, gentle products based on alcohol. The solutions have a pleasant smell and do not cause allergic reactions on the skin;

    Hand disinfection

  5. Presence of an antiseptic when entering the salon. There is a handy bottle of disinfectant at the door at the entrance of our establishment. Using it eliminates the risk of contracting coronavirus infection in the conditions of our salon. The use of an antiseptic at the entrance is optional, but highly recommended. To protect yourself and others, apply a small amount of the product to the surface of your hands after you have entered the salon;


  6. Checking the body temperature of the masseuse at the request of the guest. We treat our guests with special trepidation and understanding. Everyone has the right to demand proof of safety for himself. That is why we provide the opportunity to check the body temperature of the masseuse before the session. So you will be completely confident and calm, which means you can relax and get the maximum pleasure from the professional services we provide;

    Measuring the temperature of the masseuse.

  7. Massage performed by a master in a mask (at the request of the client). The wearing of masks is a generally accepted rule today and applies to those who are in public places. However, in the event that a client of our salon wants to provide himself with even greater security, he may require that our master put on a mask during the session. Erotic massage services are special procedures that require contact with the guest and a positive attitude. But each client is individual and therefore we provide such an opportunity when an erotic massage specialist will conduct a session in a medical mask;

    Erotic massage in a mask.

  8. Quartz lamp work in rooms between sessions. Special equipment allows you to effectively disinfect premises. UV rays kill 99% of all microorganisms in the air and on the surfaces of the room. The offices are quartzized for 40 minutes every day. The most important conditions for quartzing must be met. This includes pretreating the surfaces of the room with dust. If there is dust on objects, walls and floors, UV rays will not penetrate through the upper dust layer to the lower ones. Therefore, we follow preventive cleaning measures, both before the session and after;

    Quartz lamp.

  9. Carrying out preventive cleaning in the rooms after each session. Wet cleaning is one of the best measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. In the massage parlor, you will not see dust, especially dirt. Specially trained people with experience do high-quality cleaning of all rooms using antibacterial agents and water;

    Room cleaning.

  10. Obligatory use of disposable towels and linen. Each guest of the salon receives a new clean set of linen and a sterile towel. You can be sure that no one has used these items before you. Towels and linen are discarded after each massage.

    Disposable towels.


Coming to our salon, you find yourself in a clean, one might even say, sterile room. All preventive measures to protect against coronavirus are observed and carried out by the employees of the massage parlor. To be convinced of this, you should visit our salon at least once and get an amazing experience from the services of professionals. We do our best to make our guests feel not only comfortable, but also safe!

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