Erotic massage in Kiev.
Erotic massage parlor SIMONA.

Erotic massage in Kiev's parlor "Simona".

In Kiev, erotic massage from the salon "Simona" stands out against the background of its other unsurpassed quality. Many clients have already managed to appreciate the sensual, energetic and completely dizzying session of our erotic massage in their experience.

How our salon works in 2020:

Call Simona salon for recording.

1) In the phone mode, the customer specifies the time of his visit.

Towels and slippers.

2) Each visitor receives a clean towel and disposable slippers.

Erotic massage and acquaintance with erotic masseuses. 3) In a separate room there is a selection of available at the moment masseuses.
Accepting the shower before the male eromassage in the Kiev salon SIMONA.. 4) After the obligatory shower, the client passes into the massage room.
The girl makes you an erotic massage for men and women. 5) A pretty masseuse starts the process of erotic massage.
After the erotic massage.

6) Warm-up, excitement and "happy end" - as a result, a wonderful health and a great mood :)

How are erotic massage services provided in 2020? Let's look at all the subtleties in more detail, so that all aspects become clear to those who decided to use the service for the first time.


Schedule Salon "Simona" - around the clock 24/7. This approach allows customers at any time convenient for them to use the services of erotic massage. Having contacted by phone with the administrator of the salon, you need to specify the time of your arrival, so that by this hour everything was prepared for the session. Also choose the service of interest, the number of girls and additional options. For any of your questions, a detailed consultation is provided with all the details, so feel free to ask them by the phones listed in the "Contacts" section. Our salon of erotic massage is in the Pechersk district of Kiev, near the metro station "Arsenalnaya", on the street. I. Mazepy, 3.


At the doors of the salon you will meet a polite and friendly girl. To the eromassage was absolutely hygienic, the guests of the salon are provided with a disposable washcloth, soap, 2 clean towels, for the body and face, and a pair of disposable slippers. This approach allows customers to take nothing with them, which is important for those who come to the salon immediately after work.


The administrator will enter you in the course of the case, if everything happens for the first time. Then follows the acquaintance with the girls. All the masseuses on the site can be selected by the client. Having decided with the choice of one or several girls, you can retire with them in a private room. Before the start of the session for the right mindset, the visitor takes a hot shower. Previously issued bath accessories will be used for their intended purpose.


After a shower, you can just go to the massage room. Depending on the chosen service - classical, erotic massage, VIP massage or any other body massage - the client will be provided with appropriate services. The masseuse in the nude will begin with a light acupuncture, relieving tension from the muscles in the entire body. The use of special oriental oils will help to further strengthen any tactile sensations. Depending on the chosen service, elements of the show, erotic dance, caresses, tender kisses, joint bathing and much more can be added in the process. The result is always a natural ecstasy. His achievement is inevitable under the sensual touch of a young beautiful masseuse, whose experienced hands in the literal sense can do anything.


After the session, the following feelings will overwhelm you:

  • satisfaction;
  • restoration of forces;
  • rising testosterone level;
  • awareness of the demand among women;
  • therapeutic effect.

Our masseuses:

These are not all our girls, all - here )

You can contact us by filling out the form below.
Or leave your phone number and we will call you back.

Types of erotic massage in the salon "Simona":

Ero-massage has received many different incarnations. All of them have both common elements, and completely different from each other. The most common option - body massage (nude body massage) with one relaxation, without any other additional options.

If you require an erotic massage with more acute sensations, the "Simona" salon can offer several services to choose from:

Express massage:

On the choice of erotic or classical massage. The first type of massage will allow you to get sexual relaxation, and a classic (relaxing) whole-body massage will correct your health. Choose you.

30 min - 600 UAH

Erotic complex massage:

Begins with a classical massage, smoothly turning into an erotic massage. Suitable for very tired visitors. Everything begins with the usual procedures of classical massage and acupuncture through the gentle but powerful hands of a masseuse. An intensive method of action will lead to relaxation of the entire body. After that begins an erotic body massage.

60 min - 800 UAH.

Erotic European massage:

Includes two relaxation, and between them - a classic full body massage. Very active erotic massage, which includes as many as three stages. Between the two main ones, a classical massage is performed. It is necessary for the client to maximize relaxation, thereby prolonging the enjoyment of the whole session.

90 min - 1100 UAH.

"Double pleasure":

Two young temptresses will perform the service in four hands. Relaxing the lower part of the body and the upper one, you get a better sense of pleasure. Heat from the hands is transmitted throughout the body, a pleasant stimulation and an increase in heart beats begin. Adrenaline will excite you first, but then change to a calmer feeling. Relax with double enjoyment refers to premium services for the most demanding customers who do not always receive the necessary satisfaction with one masseuse.

30 min – 1200 UAH;
60 min – 1600 UAH;
90 min – 2200 UAH.

Erotic VIP massage:

VIP massage is an erotic massage + a long and professional classic massage from the toes to the fingers. Unlimited amount of relaxation with touches, kisses and a shared shower. Premium services are naturally in demand among business circles. Unlimited time and an integrated approach to relaxation is worth the money. A professional masseuse approach will relax all parts of your body. VIP massage can be considered a top perhaps pleasure. Absence of prohibitions will give the sea of ??passionate kisses from beautiful masseuses. All this will be continued in the shower, and can be accompanied by a bottle of champagne and / or hookah.

90 min – 2500 UAH (+ touches, + kisses, + private dance, + shared shower with masseuse) + champagne / hookah as a gift;
120 min – 3000 UAH. ( + touches, + kisses, + private dance, + shared shower with masseuse) + champagne / hookah as a gift.

Erotic massage for couples:

Erotic massage for men and women, which are a pair, allows you to awaken a long-gone passion between two people. Sometimes it becomes a great opportunity to wake up sexual attraction to each other.

60 min – 1800 UAH;
90 min – 2200 UAH + champagne as a gift.

Erotic massage for women:

The guy of your dreams is already waiting for you at the session. His hands are strong, but at the same time are not devoid of sensuality in touch. A tight sports body will bring a sea of visual pleasure. Take the opportunity to be desired for a few hours of the session, because the sexual attraction from him will be very noticeable for you.

60 min – 1200 UAH;
90 min – 1500 UAH.

Erotic massage at your apartments:

We also give an erotic massage your apartments. Our services in your apartment will not be different from the salon session, so feel free to call the girls to yourself.
But on this list of services in the salon "Simona" does not end. Additional options in the form of peep shows, lesbian shows and many others are also available. Read more in the section «MASSAGES & PRICES».

In the parlor "Simona" you can buy gift certificates:

Gift certificate of the salon of erotic massage SIMONA Kiev citizens and guests of the city.

If you are at a loss, what to give to your friend, colleague of work, boss, friend, then erotic massage is an excellent option. Who else is capable of such a daring gift? Unconventionality is guaranteed. It is especially important for single guys who want to find comfort in women's arms. Intimate massage is like everyone, although not everyone admits it.

Make your friend's life a little better with our gift certificates!

Video of erotic massage.

We have published this video to give you an idea of how an erotic massage is done. The video does not claim to originality and quality, but in general shows how we perform this procedure.



The video does not show the final part of an erotic massage - relaxation. Learn about it can be found here, or by calling +38 093 037 5115.

Why the "SIMONA"?

1) Only real services.

The entire amount of information provided on the site or in the telephone mode is fully consistent with reality;

2) Financial honesty.

The masseuse is not allowed to solicit additional rewards and gifts from clients, Their services are paid only in official order through the administrator;

3) Honesty with time.

You will without fail get services for all minutes or hours paid, and during the session you will not become obsessively reminded of the limited time.

Confidentiality is guaranteed to all customers.

Конфиденциальная девушка.

We realize the importance of keeping these services secret from everyone. There is no need to shine in such places once again, when the family may be waiting at home. Among our clients there are celebrities of show business, politicians and other businessmen. Therefore, confidentiality becomes the key to the success of the salon – the impeccable reputation of the "Simona" is the best indicator for you.


We create conditions in which clients do not meet with each other. For especially demanding persons the service "on departure" is suitable. If you like only one masseuse, then other girls are also excluded any contacts - only she and you. Secret meetings are organized in the center of our capital.


The visitor is not asked & laquo; superfluous & raquo; Questions about his personality, life, work and much more. Customer orders, girl performs & ndash; Ideal relationship. As an additional security measure - photos, video shooting in the cabin is prohibited. If you yourself do not tell someone about hobbies, then no one will ever know about them. All employees of the salon have given their written consent for non-disclosure of information that they can hear, see or otherwise receive during work in the salon.

Order an erotic massage online from "Simona".

Заказ онлайн.

Why online? Through the Internet the visitor can organize all his leisure for several hours ahead. Choose a girl, service, exact time, additional options and much more. On arrival at the salon, you just have to relax under the tender hands of a nude masseuse. Saving time is really palpable, which is always important for business people.

Erotic massage for women, men or couples waiting for you 24 hours a day. Being the embodiment of your fantasies, these ideal bodies will only please you for hours. It is impossible to imagine this, you need to feel everything personally.

Call now +38(093)0375115 for booking the best girls!

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