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Four hands erotic massage "Double pleasure".

Second Massage Double PleasureSome people desire more than many others. For example, when they were going to visit a massage parlor, they would like for two sexy girls to engage in their body, not just one. And there is nothing reprehensible in it, on the contrary - it indicates the presence of an excessively large amount of energy, the release of which requires a very powerful stimulus. If you are in Kiev and would like to order an erotic massage "Double pleasure", look into the massage salon "Simon " We are located almost in the very center of Kiev - at the Arsenalnaya metro station.

What is a Double Pleasure massage and what is it better than other types of massage.

Erotic massage "Double pleasure" - a four-hand procedure that combines the elements of therapeutic stimulation of the body and special techniques that release sexual energy. Its first advantage is that two girls are able to work out more areas at the same time body, and in particular erogenous zones, and also make it much better than one. Moreover, when working in pairs, each of the masseuses gets less tired, so that they remain as active as the whole session. The second and most important advantage of the “Double Pleasure” erotic massage lies directly in the feeling that two beautiful, sexy women immediately caress the body. . Almost all men and some women dream of this, but in their illusions they can’t even come close to understanding what pleasure an erotic massage can give two girls.

How is the procedure of erotic massage "Double pleasure".

First Massage Double PleasureThe client of the massage parlor chooses which girls he wants to allow to his body. After the choice is made, the temptress invites him to a separate, specially equipped office. In the room everything is arranged to ensure that the procedure gives maximum pleasure: - decor (furniture, beautiful walls, etc.); - smells (aromatic oils are used that promote relaxation and stimulate sexual desire); - dim lighting, etc. Once in the office, the girls first begin to perform techniques that promote physical and psychological relaxation. This eliminates unpleasant soaps and sensations, which allows you to fully experience everything that happens. Then the erotic part begins directly. In the process, one of the masseuses works with the lower part of the body, and the other works with the upper. The techniques used by them at first cause a powerful release of sexual energy. At this moment, the pulse of the massaged person is significantly quickened and the strongest, possibly never before experienced sexual arousal appears. But then the adrenaline wave leaves, and there is complete relaxation and a state of bliss.

Why come to the erotic massage "Double pleasure" is necessary in the salon "Simona".

This type of erotic massage is our premium service. It is carried out by the most professional masseuses who know better than others how to make a man or woman get maximum pleasure.

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