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Love for money or erotic massage: what to choose?

Men having sex relieves stress. The presence of such natural desire depends on the level of vitality, and it contributes to the satisfaction of filling power and positive emotions. Male sexual desire - this is a bottomless pit, taking a negative and the stock instead of giving strong vitality. And the search for ways to meet the natural.


Erotic massage - a healthy alternative to love for money.

Erotic massage - is a synthesis of physical, psychological and sensory pleasure. Unlike other forms of sexual gratification, during such exercises do not need to take care of three things: quality of erections, on how you look from the side, and the pleasure of the Lady, as her task - only to give.


Infographics: the benefits of erotic massage over the services of prostitutes and striptease.

Apart from the above indicated advantages, there are a few facts confirming that erotic massage - an excellent replacement selling love:
1) during the erotic massage client gets great pleasure not only the body but also the eyes: masseuse - a healthy well-groomed girl, whose beauty is not ruined the night forcing bed for the money;
2) there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection: about the "purity" of this way of sexual release known in ancient times. Secured warriors after successful campaigns favored skilled masseuses than traditional prostitutes. Session eliminates contact of mucous membranes and fluids discharged from the body, that is the best prevention of STDs;
3) during the erotic massage ejaculation is much stronger and brighter. This is due to the fact that the stimulation of the pleasure center is not only in the genital area, but also throughout the body;

В эротическом массаже есть элементы классического массажа.4) to have erotic massage elements of classical massage, it is good for health. the use of different methods of contacting the girl's hand with your body - it's a great way to recovery. The session is based synthesis of sensuality and classic massaging methods that are used by all the rules of appropriate textbooks. It helps to improve blood flow in the muscles of the body, relieve muscle clips that occur during times of stress;
5) the absence of a criminal underlying reason: the client comes for a massage, rather than making love for money. No contact of sexual organs and / or their direct stimulyatsii- no action characteristic of the offense or offenses;
6) erotic massage performed by a beautiful glamorous girl, much cheaper than the sexual contact with the stipulated pre-financial liabilities with a woman of the same level of appearance.
At the end of the session, a man receives not only sexual satisfaction, but also a feeling of pleasant relaxation of body, which is transformed into cheerfulness and positive energy charge after a few hours. Everything happens in a beautiful interior with dazzling girl in a relaxed psychological situation. Selling priestess of love is unable to enjoy such a level because in its competence includes only primitive friction genitals.
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Author: Irina Novikova
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