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Love for money or erotic massage: what to choose?

Men relieve stress by sex. The presence of such a natural desire depends on the level of vital energy, and its satisfaction contributes to the filling of strength and positive emotions. Male sexual desire is a bottomless well that accepts the negative and gives back a supply of powerful vitality. And the search for ways to satisfy it is natural.

Erotic massage - a healthy alternative to venal love.

Erotic massage is a synthesis of physical, psychological and sensual pleasure. Unlike other forms of obtaining sexual pleasure, during such an activity you do not need to take care of three things: a quality erection, how you look from the outside, and the pleasure of your partner, since her task is only to give.


Infographics: the benefits of erotic massage in front of the services of prostitutes and striptease.



In addition to the above advantages, there are several more facts confirming that erotic massage is an excellent substitute for venal love:
1) during an erotic massage, the client receives great pleasure not only with his body, but also with his eyes: masseuses are healthy well-groomed girls whose beauty is not spoiled by nightly pushing the bed for money;
2) there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases: they knew about the "purity" of this method of sexual discharge in ancient times. Wealthy warriors after successful trips preferred skilled masseuses than traditional priestesses of love. The session excludes contact of the mucous membranes and fluids secreted by the body, which is the best prevention of STDs;
3) during an erotic massage, ejaculation is much stronger and brighter. This is due to the fact that the stimulation of pleasure centers occurs not only in the genital area, but throughout the body;


In erotic massage there are elements of a classic massage.4) in an erotic massage there are elements of a classic massage, it is good for health. the use of various methods of contacting the girl’s hands with your body is a great way of healing. The session is based on a synthesis of eroticism and classic massage methods, which are used according to all the rules of the relevant textbooks. This helps to improve blood flow in the muscles of the body, relieve muscle clamps that occur during stress;
5) lack of criminal motivation: the client goes for a massage, not for making love for money. There is no contact of the genitals and / or their direct stimulation — there is no action characteristic of an offense or crime;
6) an erotic massage performed by a beautiful and spectacular girl is several times cheaper than sexual contact with previously agreed financial obligations with a woman of the same level of appearance.

At the end of the session, the man receives not only sexual satisfaction, but also a sensation of pleasant bodily relaxation, which in a few hours is transformed into vitality and a positive energy charge. Everything happens in a beautiful interior with a breathtaking girl in a relaxed psychological setting. A venerable priestess of love is unable to give pleasure of such a level, because her competence includes only primitive friction of the genitals. We are waiting for you for erotic massage in Kiev around the clock!


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