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Intimate massage is a source of energy and health.

Intimate massage in the salon SIMONA.Since ancient times, massage techniques have been held in high esteem because they had a deep healing and relaxing effect. What is intimate massage used for today? How is it performed? Read about it in the article.

About the procedure of intimate massage and its effect.

The art of intimate massage is to use a whole range of techniques. These are gentle stroking, and deep study of muscles, and pleasant kneading movements. During the procedure, the master pays attention to every millimeter of the body. Earlobes, fingers and toes, neck, body from all sides - each area is worked out carefully and gently. Even after 10 minutes on the massage table, clients notice a pleasant effect from the procedure. Well, after it there is a real rebirth:
- increases potency;
- sexual energy is released;
- migraines and headache go away;
- passes tightness in the muscles and feces after physical exertion;
- blood circulation and metabolic processes improve;
- depressed state or bad mood are in the past;
- self-confidence increases, and energy for new achievements appears!

Types of intimate massage and the progress of the procedure.

Intimate massage is divided into several varieties:
1. Erotic: performed until complete relaxation of the client. This is the most piquant massage that is practiced by both men and women.
2. Body massage: a masseuse performs it with her whole body using aromatic essential oils.
3. Therapeutic: this variety is used to increase potency and restore overall sexual tone, for rehabilitation after injuries.


Benefits of Intimate Massage at the Simona Massage Salon:
1. All varieties of intimate massage are performed by professionals who tirelessly enrich their knowledge and apply the most innovative techniques.
2. Attentive approach to each guest: our massage therapists are sure to take an interest in your state of health, preferences and wishes.
3. Intimate massage is performed using professional oils and cosmetics.
4. The interior and atmosphere of the Simona saloon contribute to complete relaxation. Musical accompaniment, thrill of candles, aromas - each element works for the benefit of well-being and mood of customers.
5. Your visit to the Simona massage parlor will be completely confidential.

If you feel like a routine takes away energy, how daily bad news spoils your mood, how everyday or family problems crush - order a body massage in the Simona salon (around the clock)! After the first touch of our professionals, you will feel inspired, full of vitality and health. Time spent in the Simona salon will be an incentive for new achievements and caring for your body. Do not deny yourself a pleasant experience!

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