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Thai erotic massage for men.

Тайский эротический массаж в салоне СИМОНА.Thai erotic massage is an unusually exciting massage. Slowly moving from one zone to another, you will bring your partner to the peak of bliss, which means you will have unforgettable sex after massage if you follow the recommendations of the Simon salon.
Before you start the massage procedure itself, follow a few easy conditions, which, nevertheless, will create the right atmosphere. Make the lighting in the room dim, turn on slow melodies, light an aroma lamp, undress yourself and warm your hands to make them warm. Now you can proceed to the most Thai erotic massage.


Soft massage of the facial area and head.

Position: on the back, the head of the person being massaged is on your chest. Start by gently massaging his face with the ends of the fingers from the cheekbones to the temples and beyond, connecting two hands in the forehead. Perform circular or rectilinear stroking movements from the center to the periphery of the face to relieve fatigue. At the end of the facial massage, do a finger shower. In order to massage the head, run your hands into the roots of the partner’s hair and move the skin towards the crown of the head. Such manipulations bring relaxation throughout the body.


Методика выполнения тайского эротического массажа.

Erotic massage of the chest, arms and legs.

Having placed his hands on his shoulders or trapeze, move them in the form of a figure of eight, making cross movements alternately with his right and left hand. You can do these movements with some effort.
When massaging your hands, do not be afraid to press on the skin. Mash each finger separately first with the pads of the thumbs, and then, bending your index and middle fingers, hold the partner’s finger between them and draw from the base to the periphery. Do it for all fingers. Mash the lower part of your hand (palm) and place it on the palm of your hand.
Next, knead his feet and calves, doing this with the first fingers or the bottom of two palms. Next, take care of the hips. It is necessary to perform massage both on the external and internal surfaces, however, remember that the inside of the thighs is extremely delicate, here you need to do the massage as gently as possible so as not to cause pain.


Sensual back and buttock massage.

Position of the man: face down. You yourself will be placed on his buttocks, without transferring the whole body mass to him. Stroking a partner over all the muscles of the back. Then with effort, with the help of the costal part of the palms, walk in the direction from the coccyx to the neck, and then go down along the external surfaces along the body. When doing Thai erotic massage, remember that your bodies must be in contact with each other all the time. Stroke the back of a man using only your chest. On the back of men there are many erogenous zones, therefore, do not hesitate to kiss him along the spine with an emphasis on the lower back. Buttocks deserve special attention, it's just a storehouse of sensitive points. Mash the area of ​​the gluteal muscles with the area of ​​the entire palm, you can apply pressure to certain points. And do not forget about kisses.

Gentle massage of the abdomen and erogenous zones.

Thai erotic massage gradually leads to the point of highest pleasure. To begin, stroke your stomach with gentle touches in a circle or spiral. Bend like a cat, only slightly touching your partner’s body with your stomach, and caress it in this way. If you have long hair, but you can use them, the partner will get a very pleasant feeling from such touches. Be sure that any man will like Thai erotic massage, and the continuation after it will not be long in coming.

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