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How to do erotic massage?

How to do erotic massage.Most varieties of relaxing and relaxing treatments come to us from Asia. Erotic massage is no exception and is a unique kind of oriental massage. Distinctive features of erotic massage is the technique of the procedure itself. Fatigue is removed not only with the hands.

How to do erotic massage? Procedures are carried out in separate rooms with a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Fragrances of essential oils, laid-back erotic music puts each visitor to a pleasant and useful time. Initially, the girl (it is they who carry out erotic massage) perform a warm-up and a simple option for massaging the whole body. After the relaxing part, the beautiful woman starts the second stage.

The second phase includes procedures aimed at physical arousal. The masseuse’s body, smeared with aromatic oils and mixtures, begins to come into close contact with the client’s body. A naked girl can lie down on top of a visitor, pressing her chest (buttocks) closely to her back or doing other manipulations that stimulate and bring the whole body to working condition. All movements are very graceful and light, and each touch is filled with affection and tenderness.

Oriental practices and statistics have long confirmed the effectiveness of erotic massage, both for men and for the fairer sex. In our country, this procedure appeared recently, but has already managed to become popular and gain preference among connoisseurs of their own health. This is a great option to relieve fatigue, relax, get to know your body, forget about your problems and enjoy the procedure.


Erotic massage and its healing properties.

Here's how to make erotic massage in the SIMONA salon.This type of massage has a positive and tonic effect for the whole body. Thanks to a quality and correct procedure, clients who systematically resort to erotic massage services can observe:

• improvement of blood circulation;
• removal of fatigue and depressive disorders;
• the skin is cleaned of dead and scaly particles, it becomes more elastic and elastic;
• the nervous system is strengthened and the level of stress resistance is increased.

Having decided to visit the salon and try erotic massage, you should responsibly approach the choice of institution. Specialists conducting the procedure must have certain skills. Our salon is one of the most sought after and most visited. Our employees have experience and many techniques for conducting erotic massage, attractive appearance and responsibility to carry out their work. Reasonable prices, thoughtful interior, professional staff and complete relaxation during the procedures are inalienable advantages of our work. Learn how to do erotic massage in the salon "Simone" and get a positive effect accompanied by feelings of pleasure and real relaxation.


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