Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
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Order an erotic massage in Svyatoshinsky district with a trip to the house.

Erotic massage in Svyatoshinsky district.Everyone needs a good rest, otherwise, as a result, the human body will begin to hurt, and the mood will rapidly fall until it reaches the bottom, on which irritability and insomnia are waiting. And what could be better when a person you like is gently and playfully crushing your body? That's right, there are not very many such substances. If you want to relax and relieve stress, then order an erotic massage in Svyatoshinsky district with a trip. It doesn’t matter where your house is located: the massage therapist will quickly get at least in Novobelichi, even in Svyatoshino.

What does erotic massage suggest and how does it differ from traditional?

If you have never tried this type of relaxation, you probably do not quite understand what it suggests. Here you should immediately make a reservation that words cannot convey the palette of pleasant emotions that the client feels on himself. But, in general terms, you can describe what awaits you if you order an erotic massage in Svyatoshinsky district with us. Corresponding mastery, as well as classical massage, involves working with the human body. However, the procedure under consideration implies a more gentle touch and study of those areas that in traditional practice are almost or not affected at all. Therefore, if, for example, Borshchagovka is the place where you are now, pick us up and in just a few minutes feel all the features of this procedure. In addition to the direct differences in working with the body, erotic massage also differs in that before its implementation, a certain atmosphere is created with the help of special smells and, in some cases, light. This entourage makes a person distract from disturbing thoughts, and completely concentrate on the pleasure that a massage therapist gives him through his touch. By calling our masseur (ku) a in Akademgorodok or Belichi or in another area where you live, you can count on the fact that the procedure will be performed in the best possible way.

The effect of massage at the exit is no worse than in the salon

Come to the Solomensky area for an erotic massage.When ordering an erotic massage in Svyatoshinsky district on the road, regardless of what station you live in: Zhitomirskaya or another, you can expect that an experienced professional will come to you, able to create the necessary conditions for the procedure and fulfill it at the highest level. All the necessary things (aromatic oils, candles, etc.) will be brought by the masseur. We carefully monitor that employees never violate the rules established by the company. Therefore, it is guaranteed that there will be no situation that having arrived at the place (for example, at the Zhitomir station), she or he will not have the necessary tools and supplies. It should also be noted that the price of massage services on the road is higher than in the salon, only for the cost of a taxi ride.

Choose the one who is most attractive to you and whose professionalism is more confident

When ordering an erotic massage in the Svyatoshinsky district with us, you can choose the masseur a that is most attractive to you, or the one that someone advised you. If suddenly it turns out to be busy at an hour convenient for you, we can offer an alternative that in all respects will be no worse than the master that you liked. Thanks to this, you can get the most out of the procedure. Also, do not take into account that if the master is at Svyatoshin station, and you are at Akademgorodok, you will have to wait longer and the services will cost a little more than if you ordered a masseur (ku) from the same region as you.

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