Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
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Erotic massage in the Shevchenkovsky district - a relaxing vacation.

Erotic massage in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.All day we are immersed in the work process - it takes a lot of energy and to restore it you need to make a lot of effort. And this again is fraught with energy consumption. Therefore, living in the areas of Center or Lukyanovka or other places in Kiev, you should give preference to passive rest. But passive rest passive rest - discord. You can order an erotic massage in the Shevchenkovsky district at the Polytechnic Institute metro station and feel what it means to completely distract from everyday problems.

How massage affects relaxation - the main consequences.

There are many types of massage. Living in the areas of Syrets or Tatarka, you will probably encounter traffic in the streets, bustling in public places. Various massage parlors located near the metro station Beresteyskaya or Nyvky offer you to use the services of their specialists. But in the areas of Nyvky and Shuliavka there are not many specialists who are able to do a truly high-quality massage. A lot of people work in the area of ​​the Vokzalnaya metro station, posing as specialists, but in fact they are not. Erotic massage in the Shevchenko district has its own characteristics. Qualitatively rendered services, including those in the area of ​​Ploshchad Lev Tolstoy metro station, allow you to plunge into nirvana. This is a peculiar feeling of detachment, bordering on sexual satisfaction - one of the most powerful tools for influencing a person due to its natural properties..

The procedure for providing erotic massage services in the area of the University metro station and other arrays.

Shevchenko district will provide you with erotic massage.Our experts first figure out exactly where you prefer to do erotic massage in the Shevchenkovsky district. For us it does not matter at all whether massage services will be performed in the vicinity of the Shulyavka metro station or if your apartment is located near the Teatralnaya metro station. Thanks to the taxi, we quickly get to the metro stations Independence Square or Syrets. Indicate the exact location so that we can quickly reach you. We only send certified professionals, regardless of where you live.

Other characteristic features of cooperation with our specialists.

We come to a consensus not only regarding the location of the service, but also regarding issues of time of arrival. We value your time, which means that as soon as we arrive at your house at the Lukyanovskaya metro station, we will quickly reach the housing located at the Dorogozhichi metro station. If some experts increase the cost of services due to the appearance at home to the client, then this is not about us. Even having arrived at a meeting with a client at the Zoloti Vorota metro station or any other place, we will change the terms of the contract and keep the price list in force. The client is only informed in advance that he must reimburse the massage therapist for taxi, but in the Ukrainian capital the cost of their services is low, so these costs will not be significant. Use the services of our specialists and you will not regret it.

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