Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
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Professional erotic massage in the Podolsky district.

Erotic massage Podolsky district.Not to try erotic massage in the Podolsky district means not to experience the lion's share of sexual pleasure in life! Do you know when the confident varnished hands of a charming masseuse imperiously touch your skin, paying special attention to its most sensitive areas? If not, you lose a lot, and urgently need to correct the situation! If you live on Art. m. Postal Square, or in the area of ​​Vinogradar, to enjoy the best hot sensations of massage, you absolutely do not even need to leave the apartment. Order services by phone, or on the website of the Simon salon, indicate your preferences, and wait for the queen of your evening, who will soon give you a pleasure that will never be erased from your memory. You can make an order throughout the Podolsk district, in particular, girls can come to the Wind Mountains or to the station. m. Taras Shevchenko. The cost of the service consists of the price of the massage itself, plus you pay the girls a taxi.

Features of erotic massage performed by the girls of the salon "Simona".

There is a huge variety of techniques that charming salon girls work with. When ordering a massage to the Podil area, preliminary, you indicate your preferences and wishes. Almost all types and techniques are performed with the participation of the hands and other parts of the body of a girl who deals with a client without her clothes.

Erotic massage in the Podolsk district can be both gentle and harsh, and even bordering on pain. All possible fantasies, within reason, can and should be realized! It is worth noting that the sensations from the procedure are significantly different from the sensations during sex, and for a much better side. ordering massage at st. m. Contract Area, you get the most pleasant sensations not only at the peak of pleasure, they will begin from the first minute of the session and will not leave until after its finale.

Departure of girls in the Podolsky district of Kiev.

Why, to order an erotic massage in the Podolsky district, it is worth contacting us.

Living in the Kurenevka district, you can easily invite a professional masseuse of any profile to your home and within an hour begin to enjoy her touch. The Simona salon employs qualified specialists in their field who know exactly how to find an approach to the most capricious client. Any of the girls can give a man such a bright orgasm, which he hardly experienced before. Most likely, it will be multiple and a feeling of closeness to the peak of pleasure will not leave you for even a minute of the session. Watching the girl’s movements, you can learn what can be later put into practice with your soul mate. Believe me, it will pleasantly surprise her and you can prove yourself in a favorable light. Most often, customers become regular, after the first session, few people do not want to repeat it, having tried something even hotter.

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