Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
we are waiting for you around the clock, 24/7


Professional erotic massage for a good rest in the Solomensky district.

Erotic massage in Solomensky district.Creating positive thoughts and getting a harmonious mood is what erotic massage is and the Solomensky district is right for him. “But we don’t have such an institution” - someone will say, and this is not necessary. The beautiful fairies of our salon themselves will come to you and perform all the procedures, no matter if it will be Chokolovka or the Turkish town. The prices for the provided procedures are almost the same as in the salon, only the cost of taxi services is added. You are waiting for something, something fabulous and mysterious - everything is aimed at ensuring that the client can completely relax: matte mysterious erotic lighting, many candles, aroma lamps.
All our employees will treat you with great respect, whether it will be the famous Shuliavka, maybe Solomenka or any other place you choose.

Our offer is a real vacation for many customers.

We are pleased to offer erotic massage, Solomensky district is all at your service. We guarantee you a meeting in a secluded cozy place - away from annoying and curious people, and even the lively Zhuliany will not become an obstacle to us. No need to invent illusions, no need to flip through glossy magazines with candid photos, just try to bring fantastic reality closer once, and the Otradny district will do just fine. You will receive sensual pleasure from gentle touches. Agree, unearthly pleasure and Karavaev's dachas, this is a mystical combination. This is an amazing atmosphere of temptation and erotic fantasies.
Solomensky district invites for an erotic massage.And you can meet next to the KPI, metro station: Beresteyskaya. The meeting will give you not only joyful moments and feelings of happiness, but also help to feel the integrity of the body and spirit - the skillfully performed procedure is an excellent therapeutic tool. The same KPI area, Shulyavskaya metro station is not only touching hands, but also touching massaging with heated parts of the body: elastic breasts and buttocks, girl’s tummy and even the most intimate delights. This and gentle kisses on the lips and tempting touches of eyelashes to erogenous areas. You have never experienced this before! All specially developed procedures are aimed at an in-depth effect on the entire human body. The client did not even imagine how many erogenous zones were on his body - this would be an unexpected sensation of delight and happiness.

Types of erotic massage in the Solomensky district of Kiev.

Our masseuses own and can offer a choice of the most famous types of these procedures. If you are satisfied with the KPI area, metro station: Polytechnic Institute, then, as in all previous cases, this:
• Body-strengthening body massage;
• Unique - Thai technique;
• The art of geishas - Japanese massage;
• Popular - European;
• Combined.

Whatever the client of the proposed types would want, everyone will be able to fulfill the beauties. Highly qualified professionals are involved in their preparation. Such a massage is not vulgarity, but an ancient art. Particularly developed in the East and Asia, he came to us, revealing all the delights of relaxation and rest.

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