Erotic massage parlor "SIMONA". Ukraine, Kiev, Kniaziv Ostrozkyh St., 39
Near the metro stations Arsenalnaya and Pecherskaya!!
Erotic massage, SIMONA salon.

prices - from 1000 UAH
we are waiting for you around the clock, 24/7


Erotic massage Podil regularly orders from "Simona".

Erotic massage on the Podil.Unfortunately, in the Podolsky district there are no salons that provide erotic massage services. However, this is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure! Masseurs salon "Simone" will do an erotic massage at home. Please note that the cost of services is the same as in the cabin, plus the cost of a taxi.
Erotic massage - a contemplation of beauty, graceful movements of a masseuse, a bright and memorable relaxation that you can get at home in such areas of Kiev as Podil, as well as Kurenevka, Vinogradar, Windy Mountains. If you live near the metro stations Kontraktova Square, Postal Square, Taras Shevchenko, our services are also for you.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the touch of hot skillful hands on the body, sexual atmosphere and complete solitude. Erotic massage Hem regularly orders, and masseuses of the Simona salon come to your home to fulfill your desires!
The procedure is performed by experienced masseurs. Cozy, comfortable atmosphere only contributes to complete relaxation. Performing an erotic massage, a masseuse can use not only her hands, but also other parts of the body. Eroticism is traced in each of its movements. It is worth noting that only skillful hands, which you can find in the Simona salon, can do a quality massage.
Allow yourself a little pleasure! The masseur will do everything so that the client gets distracted from his problems, daily worries and receives a charge of vivacity, energy and good insistence for a long time. A significant advantage of massage is that the massage therapist takes into account the characteristics of the client’s character, his desires, preferences. For a massage therapist there is only a client and his desires.
Erotic massage Podil ordered in SIMON.If you want to relieve fatigue, tension, find inner harmony and good mood, an erotic massage with a visit is what you need!
Erotic massage is, in fact, a special kind of art. It carries notes of exciting and noteworthy eroticism. He is often confused with sexual services, but this is not so.
The unique features of this massage are that it combines several techniques at once: traditional, classical, Thai massage and other types. During the procedure, the head, neck, shoulders, chest, back, stomach, hips, inner thighs, buttocks of the client can be involved.
Erotic massage will allow you to forget about the daily bustle, stress. All procedures are performed by professionals who open up a country of unexplored sensations to the client. During the procedure, the erogenous zones of the client are involved, sexual attraction occurs. This type of massage forms sexual potential, improves overall well-being.
Any person is individual. Our masseuses own various massage techniques, so they will find an approach to each client. At the end of the procedure, he will feel completely relaxed, rested and ready for new things the next day.

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