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What you need to know in order to sensually and seductively make an erotic massage for a girl?

Erotic massage for a girl in the salon SIMONA.Modern erotic massage is available not only to the male audience, but also loving ladies use it perfectly. After all, an erotic massage for a girl is, first of all, the knowledge of the sensitivity of her body, the discovery of a new unknown sexual energy. It is necessary to make sure that the room contains candles, various aromatic oils, and select relaxing instrumental music. It should also be provided that if the girls are allergic to aromatic essential oils, then they can be replaced with a hypoallergenic cream or special massage oil. A roller should be placed under the chest to comfortably massage the girl's back. Make sure there are no drafts, and maintain room temperature and fresh air in the room.


It is important to note which parts of the body should begin to make massage for the girl.

First of all, you might think how to turn ordinary striping into a kind of erotic performance or a fun exciting love game. It is advisable to start an erotic massage for a girl with arms and legs. First, gently and gently stroke, then move on to more intense movements. The main condition is not to rush so as not to bring the girl prematurely to orgasm. Let her relax and enjoy those new sensations. Step by step with massage movements go to the back of the girl. In every woman, erogenous zones are located in different places of the body. Your task is to find more of them. Constantly during the session, observe the reaction of your girlfriend. She will let you know with her sounds and groans how pleasant she is, and what kind of caresses give a truly delightful pleasure.


Girl gets an erotic massage

How to cause a real storm of passion and get awesome pleasure?

Female breasts with a gentle touch of a male palm, reacts most strongly to affection. Try to stroke sensually and you can even kiss the girl’s chest slightly. Slowly lower yourself lower and lower. Turn an erotic massage for a girl into a real fairy tale of a strong and unearthly desire.
Caress each other, love, deliver dizzying pleasure and sex will be an unforgettable extravaganza for both of you. You can decorate gray and everyday relationships with bright and sexy colors of positive, joy and happiness! Do not be afraid to be sexy and sexy. The main thing is to tell each other what you want in sex, talk about your fantasies and desires. If you have an understanding and mutual sexual attraction, then you can be happy. Do erotic massage to each other more often, because it is never too late to study your body. Or come to the Simon salon and order an erotic massage from our masseuses!

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