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Erotic massage at home is an exquisite therapy of soul and body.

Эротический массаж на дому.Erotic massage from antiquity is a beginner in the modern world of services. However, its popularity is growing rapidly. A refined way of healing through erotic pleasure is more effective than regular massage. It strengthens the body and liberates the soul.

How and by whom is an unusual procedure performed?

The performers of the show are charming girls. These are professional masseuses and virtuosic temptresses. Erotic massage at home is carried out by one or several performers.
Initially, the client receives a full range of restorative massage. After a half-hour preparatory phase, the time comes for more intimate touches. Masseuse is exempted from part of the clothes. Her hands are becoming more tender. She excites the client, touching his bare breasts, belly, buttocks.
Delicate gestures become trembling and persistent. The secret weapon is used: velvet shuttlecocks, soft brushes, gels, creams. Quiet music and dim lights help the masseuse achieve her goal: the client reaches the peak of pleasure and gets maximum relaxation. After that, he can chat with the girl, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.


What is the effectiveness of erotic massage at home?

Kiev recommends erotic massage at home to everyone because it contains a set of positive aspects. It is aimed at medical-hygienic, cosmetological and psychological recovery.

Выполнение эротического массажа на дому.

We note its healing functions:
• has a relaxing effect on the whole body; • tones up muscle mass;
• stimulates blood and lymph circulation;
• eliminates or prevents the appearance of cellulite;
• cleanses the skin;
• has anti-aging effect: restores youthful skin freshness and elasticity;
• restores the vital activity of damaged organs;
• increases the protective properties of the body;
• exacerbates the sensitivity of nerve endings; • releases sexual energy;
• relieves stress, eliminates complexes, depression, apathy.
After such a procedure, the problems that bother the client seem minor to him; solutions to difficult problems come by themselves. He leaves the salon with another person: calmed, encouraged and rejuvenated.


Who can order this type of massage at home in the Simon salon?

Erotic massage at home is available not only to wealthy people. Among our customers there are representatives of the middle class. Charming masseuses resort to the services of both single representatives of both sexes and couples. Erotic sessions, together or individually, help them to renew or restore intimate relationships.
The regulars of the salon are athletes, businessmen, IT managers, people of creative professions, students. Want to feel the effect of erotic massage at home? Become a visitor to the Simona Salon. We will help you better know your desires, awaken sensuality, understand your own body, return youth and health. Confidentiality and security in our institution are guaranteed.


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