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Erotic massage parlor SIMONA.

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Erotic massage parlor SIMONA.


Girls performing erotic massage in the salon SIMONA.


 This is a real photo from our parlor.


How we are working?

Call salon Simona for booking on the erotic massage.

You call us and sign up for a certain time.

Towels and slippers.

You meet, give slippers, clean towel.

Erotic Massage and familiarity with erotic masseuses. You go into a room and get to know the masseuses.
Taking a shower before the erotic massage salon SIMONA in Kiev . You go to the bathroom, take a shower, and then go to the massage room.
A girl make you erotic massage for men. A girl make you erotic massage to complete relaxation.
After erotic massage.


At the exit you get a lot of positive and excellent health :)

A touch of gentle fingers and elastic body, romantic music, dim lights and charming fragrance of oils, enveloping her veil ... More ancient people knew that erotic massage - is not just a tool to get pleasure, but also the procedure which has restorative effects on human health. And in order to obtain benefits for the whole body, you need to disconnect and get away from the hassles and worries, indulging in sensual power of emotions that you can feel when a process such as an intimate massage. And the main condition for the implementation of effective and high-quality body massage is the constancy and continuity of movement, in which the pleasure of every moment grows, reaching its peak to the relaxation. No less important point - this is what a sexy massage for men and women performed almost the whole body, the massage process involves not only the hands, but also the abdomen, chest, lips and so on. With all these details and nuances of erotic massage Kiev considers the exquisite pleasure and enjoyment.

Erotic massage parlor "Simona".

Erotic massage parlor "Simona" clock invites the visitor to become a relaxation procedures performed girls with outstanding external data in a professional manner. We know that it can help you remove the accumulated tension.
Highlight features massage salon "Simona" is not difficult - it is here waiting for you not only a personal approach to each customer, but also an incredible amount of features. That is, here you can apply for new experiences on their own or together with your loved one. And this is a huge plus - dilute their daily lives for a while at the same time bright and wholesome massages.
Masseuses who work in our salon, will give you a variety of types of massage - soothing, causing, exotic and serene setting. This will allow everyone who wants to meet for a long time, all their desires according to their innermost fantasies. In addition, we note that in erotic massage can afford to go self-respecting individuals who know what they want. Going on the right for your relaxation program, you get a boost of energy, health and pleasure. Therefore, we recommend you make time for yourself and go for a session of body massage. Trusting a professional masseuse, who is familiar with the "mysteries of the body", emotions, which gives a tantric massage, and want to experience that feeling again and again.
Почему стоит прийти на эротический массаж.Why come to us?
Each time, when things turn you into a "squeezed lemon", tomorrow may seem pointless, but the upcoming volume of mandatory cases - irresistible, come to us. All you need at this moment - a long and exciting sensual body massage, after which the colors of life will again become attractive and colorful for you. Touching experienced a beautiful masseuse, intriguing, intimate atmosphere around, nice music guaranteed to remove the accumulated stress, awaken sensuality and whetted the desire again to take on a life all its gifts. You will experience the bliss, the same as the cover man finally plunged into the cool river hot July noon. You will experience a surge of strength as a climber, plenty rested on the highest peak conquered the rock.

What we don't do?

Не обманываем.

We do not cheet:
All information on the website, as well as information that tells you on the phone, is true;

Не выпрашиваем денег.

We do not ask you extra money:
- There is no extra charge "for a massage without clothes";
- Not begging for tips and gifts;
- Not impose additional services and unnecessary purchases.

Не придираемся ко времени. We do not find fault with the massage time:
- The masseuse is not constantly looking at the clock;
- No one comes to the massage room with reminders of the time.

What kind of massage is performed in the salon "Simona"?
- Sensual erotic body massage;
- Express massage services in the form of a shortened procedure at the time;
- European massage:
- Massage "double delight";
- Erotic VIP massage;
- Foot - fetish;
- Lingam massage;
- Massage for couples;
- Massage for women;
- Massage with home visits to customer;
- Preheating in the form of erotic dance (striptease);
- Peep show or lesbian show, arranged naked dancing girls.

Every kind of erotic massage ends with your complete relaxation!

Learn more about these massage types and prices can be found in the section "Massages and prices."

In addition, the parlor "Simona" massages in the eastern technique of "sakura branch" Tantric stimulation of the "hottest" spots on your body, therapeutic and simultaneously spicy akvapenny body massage, Nuru massage - akvagelevy workout session tired muscles by different parts of the body masseuse, bi-massage for two visitors is a permanent pair of restoring Thai massage, nuru massage intimate, classic therapeutic massage, relaxing back massage, full body massage.


Choosing the type of massage - the absolute prerogative of a client.
Of course, the listed types of massage - is not the whole range of services that you can get in our shop. If desired, you can combine different techniques in the same session of erotic massage that opens the abyss of options for new, previously unknown sensations. If you are a stalwart of traditional therapeutic massage techniques, then any of our girls is always ready to pamper you the classical massage, which, we believe, will be performed at the highest level, according to the method of eastern masters, with elements of professional "tricks", acquaintances experienced geisha.


About the qualification of our massage therapists.
Whatever your choice of massage for men, in any case, it will hold a beautiful girl with a very seductive shapes and sculpted grace in his movements. Each of our masters can be easily sent to a beauty contest, where she is guaranteed to offer the crown's favorite in the final round. Therefore, in our salon you relax not only physically, but also get aesthetic pleasure, watching the work of selected masters. If desired, it will be assigned to you, if you ever want to pamper yourself its ability to put in order their clients. But it does not deprive you of the right to change a specialist, choosing the right moment for the current profile eromassazha or invited to one session several masseuses.


A few words about privacy.
Being a solid institution with a fairly well-deserved excellent reputation, we guarantee the confidentiality of each new or regular visitors to choose our massage salon as a place where you can relax as desired by the soul and the body. This policy not only adheres to the interior administration, but also every employee working in it. Therefore, we can safely relax without fear of accidentally said "extra" word will be known for the interior walls. How can we confirm our chosen course of action? We constantly rest many famous respectable people, that is the best proof of confidence in us.
We invite you to an erotic massage salon in the "Simona", around the clock, 24/7 !
Author: Irina Novikova
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